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Coins give real lasting value as the perfect gift for friends or family

By: Isabella Woods


When it comes to giving gifts to friends and family, sometimes itís wiser and more meaningful to give something other than the latest gadget on the high street, or the toy every kid is asking for but will likely discard only a few weeks later. And thatís why something with a little more longevity and a bit of history can make the perfect gift.

If you think giving coins is an unusual thing to do, think againÖ.because, as legend has it, it all began one Christmas Eve. The story goes that three daughters who were too poor to marry, and whose dad wouldnít accept any charity were dealt a lucky card when St Nicholas took pity on them and flung gold coins down their chimney. The coins flew down the chimney and into three stockings which had been pinned up in front of the fireplace to dry. And thatís how the tradition of giving coins at Christmas began. These days, itís more often than not chocolate coins that are given, but thereís no reason not to return to the original gift of choice that St Nicholas favored.

Itís up to you whether you decide to give vintage or new coins and opting for which you choose could probably be helped along by thinking about the person youíre giving the coin or coins to. For instance, is there a special date in that personís life that could be commemorated with a certain coin?

Sentimental Value

Perhaps they got married in 1947, or this year is their golden wedding anniversary. If you can tie in events that occurred in the life of the person youíre giving the coin to with the actual coin then the meaning of the gift will be all the more poignant. And when you think of giving coins in this capacity, you neednít worry about finding the most expensive coin available to give Ė as the value is more sentimental than monetary in this circumstance.

For Children

If youíre giving coins as a gift to children, you may want to consider buying new coins in a presentation pack. This way, when the child is all grown up, he or she will be able to look at the coins and think back to the time when you gave them to him or her. In this respect, the coins age with them.

Itís easy to kick-start a childís coin collection Ė you could start with the presidential $1 coins (four of which are issued each year), or if youíre giving to a young girl, you could give the First Spouse collection which are issued in half-ounce 24 karat pure gold coins or cheaper-value bronze medallions.

The First Spouse series was first released in 2007 with initially 40,000 strikings per release, however the US Mint has now cut this down to 15,000 per release Ė making it even more collectable and therefore harder to get your hands on.

Historical Interest

However, maybe youíre looking for a coin or coins to give to a child particularly interested in history. If this is the case, he or she might relish the opportunity to have a handful of coins from a particular time in the past Ė say, during the war for instance. Coins which may have no real significant monetary value neednít be discarded as worthless - as a childís imagination has the potential for creating worth from almost anything. And thatís the joy of children!

High-Value Coins

At the other end of the spectrum, and if youíre lucky enough to have discovered one, there are coins that are extremely expensive in value.

In these instances, it is probably best to give these coins to older friends and relatives who can make sure they stay safe. But why give a high-value coin as a gift as opposed to something that has more use?

Unlike a top of the range food mixer or a flat screen TV, the important thing about coins is they not only keep their value (if youíve got a good one), they also make a great keepsake gift.

These days, so many houses are filled with things that soon become unused and unloved and end up cluttering up the place - this can hardly be said of a coin or two. And thatís why coins not only make great gifts for the person who seemingly has everything!

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