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Collecting NGC GSA Carson City Morgans for Profit
By D. L. Crane


It is strongly advised that collectors use resources and get themselves informed about the numismatic marketplace.

NGC is a grading service designated for coins to provide a grade, documented date of release , and provide the consumer with a special label sometimes marked as ‘Hoard’ or ‘Collection’ .

NGC does not offer an opinion on value leaving the price totally up to the marketplace and coin pricing guides.

Proper investing in the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (GSA) Carson City Morgans will be helped with price guidelines, information on auction buyers and sellers and most importantly coin grading which will help in making a profit.

The GSA Morgan Dollars are highly recommended for investment. These Carson City Silver dollars are historic coins; this is a specifically uncirculated coin of the Morgan Dollar series, containing ninety percent of silver. This coin is in Mint condition audited in 1964 by the GSA.

GSA (General Services Administration) made a specifically designed holder to indicate the history of the coin, which is often removed for grading. This may lose some of the value of the coin as it loses the link between the GSA and the coin itself .Using the GSA Pack holders will preserve the pedigree of the original Morgan dollar holders. This will include the information and the specific NGC grading of that particular Morgan dollar coin.

To conclude on this subject , collecting coins certified by the NGC grading company which are in the GSA holder pack are of a sustained value and will surely help investors or collectors make a future profit.


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