Error World Coins

An error coin is a coin manufactured incorrectly or one that is manufactured correctly on damaged or incorrectly made dies. Errors have been produced by a wide variety of mistakes. Error coins result when something goes wrong during the minting process, but while these pieces would be mint rejects, most collectors would love to own them. A mule coin is a coin struck with dies that were not intended to be paired. "A numismatic mule is a fascinating creature, a hybrid of two designs never meant to appear together,” Coin World senior news editor William T. Gibbs wrote in 1992. "Some are accidental in nature, true errors that any collector would welcome in his or her collection. Other mules were deliberately produced, either accidentally, out of necessity to meet coinage demands, or from a desire to produce something special (even if fraudulent) for collectors." There is a market for mules just like there is for correctly struck coins. The hybrid coins take their name, of course, from the hard-working animal that results from the cross-breeding of a horse and a donkey — half one thing and half the other.

If you are trying to find a value for your Foreign World Coin, Please Note:

It is almost impossible to keep up with the multitude of World Foreign Coin Prices. You should be able to find and compare your coin on one of these World Foreign Coin Pages. If not try searching on Google or eBay.

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