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Gem: an exceptionally beautiful and well struck coin.

Gem Uncirculated: a grade range of 65 to 66 on a scale of 1 to 70.

Gobrecht dollar: U.S. Silver Dollars designed by Christian Gobrecht and struck from 1836 to 1839.

gold: a soft, precious metal of yellow color.

gold commemorative: U.S. coins issued in gold, in a variety of denominations, to commemorate various events or important people in American history.

gold dollar: the U.S. $1 gold coins struck from 1849-1889.

gold plated:   Gold plated coins are a promotional item, have no collector value, and don't receive an additional market premium for being plated. Note that gold plating coins for advertising, promotions and high school electrolysis experiments have been going on for some time.

Good: a grading term for a coin that is very worn but which has most of the devices outlined.

grade: the determination of the degree of wear (or lack thereof) on a coin.

grader: usually, an expert that determines the grade of a coin for an independent, third-party grading service.

grading: the art or skill of determining the condition of a coin.

Greysheet: nickname for the Coin Dealer Newsletter.

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