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How to Buy Gold for Profit and Investment
by D. L. Crane

Gold is an unrivaled investment which has stood the test in investing for thousands of years. Gold has always been prized for its beauty and its investment potential from the time of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to today. Men have sought gold and prized it for centuries. Gold has shown power to transform men’s lives.

Why Buy Gold?

Besides its beauty and power, gold is a wise investment. No matter what the state of the national or world economy, gold is always a safe place to put your money. It diversifies your investment portfolio and has a relatively stable trade in value.

Owning gold is one of the safest ways to protect your investment dollars.


Gold is an excellent commodity to include in your portfolio. A balanced portfolio that includes precious metals such as gold provides asset diversification. This allows for an investment portfolio that is both stable and lucrative. Economic times are tight so this is an opportune time to safeguard your investment portfolio by including or increasing the percentage of your investment that is gold and other precious metals.

What to Buy?

Gold can be purchased in several forms. You can buy pure gold bullion, ingots, gold bricks or gold coins.  What you purchase depends on what you intend to do with it, storage space, the current gold prices and how much you have to invest.

Do the research. Read and talk to knowledgeable investment professionals about the difference between bullion and investment grade coins. Find out if gold is a good investment option for your portfolio.

A reputable gold dealer will discuss the benefits of both coins and ingots for your specific product investment wishes and needs. Before you invest in gold you need to do your homework. Don’t be taken in by slick advertising and fast-talking gold dealers. There are thousands of online and retail gold dealers. Learn how to buy gold for profit and investment before you decide what to buy and where to purchase it. Learn about common novice mistakes.

Gold bullion has long been regarded as real money—as opposed to paper currency which must be backed by gold. Men prize gold for its authenticity, its durability and its real value. Gold bullion is portable, easily carried and easily and inexpensively stores. Gold bullion can also be traded for other commodities. Gold is universally accepted as tender anywhere in the world.

Gold bars or ingots have authentic values because of their purity. No assay is required when buying or selling gold bars. Gold bars diversify investments and protect the investors’ wealth.

Gold bullion can be purchased in a variety of forms.  You can purchase a ten-ounce gold bullion bar which is .995 percent pure. This is the traditional gold bar used for trading. Each gold bar is stamped with a certification of both weight and purity.

Gold bullion can also be purchased in 32.15 troy ounce goldkilo bars. Each bar is weighs kilogram and is at least .999 in purity.

The finest investment grade gold bullion is the certified ten-ounce gold bullion ingot, certified as .9999 in purest gold bullion.

If gold coins interest you as both an investment and as part of a collection you can purchasesuch coins as the gold American Buffalo, first minted in 2006. Or, the South African Krugerrand is an original one troy ounce gold bullion coin. Reputable dealers in gold coins can help you buy gold coins that will accrue in value while providing you with an enjoyable hobby.


Where to Buy?

The options for purchasing gold in its many forms abound both online and at retail facilities and investment firms. Read online reviews. Check with other gold investors. Read testimonials.

Check to see if there are hidden fees like shipping and handling costs and transaction fees. These can eat into your potential profit.

Select a gold dealer who has been in the business for several years and has several repeat clients.

Know the process this dealer uses to get your gold to you. Find out upon what he bases the asking price.  Find out how to buy gold for profit and investment before you purchase. Your hard-earned investment dollars must be protected.


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