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Investing in PCGS Mint State DMPL Morgan Dollars
By D. L. Crane


PCGS or the Professional coin grading services is a company that grades and authenticates rare coins. Investing in PCGS coins is one of the best first Investment steps in coin collecting and numismatics.

PCGS is a company that charges a fee for an opinion on the condition and authenticity of coins.

This grading provides consumers with a rating on how to judge a particular coin and determine if the coin is in a good, bad or excellent condition.

Coins are graded with the following Markings AG ( almost good) , G ( good) , VG ( very good) , F (fine) , VF ( Very fine) , EF or XF ( Extra Fine) AU ( Almost uncirculated) and MS ( mint state) . When a more exact state is wanted the coin is also certified with a number from 1-70.

The best coins to invest in would be the ones with a grade from 60-70 , depending on the mintage and year of issue. MS60 is a Mint state coin with the average of an uncirculated coin , carrying a few bag marks but may not have been struck well enough to be graded higher .

This type of coin is may be valuable when coming to sell in the future if it is a low mintage, rare or scarce coin.

A specific coin which is looked for by collectors is the DMPL Morgan silver dollar. DMPL stands for Deep mirror proof like. The Morgan dollar was one of the early issued silver United States dollars and it is the most collected coin in the world. A very small coin can make a lot of money. These coins are struck of bullion meaning the value will always exceed the face value, mostly because these are rare early U.S. Mint Coins.

The PCGS Mint State DMPL Morgan Silver Dollar makes a great investment with a probable increase in value because of the low mintage of PCGS Morgan dollars that are graded DMPL. The grade of Mint State makes it affordable while still have a great potential for an increase on your investment.

Morgan dollar are a unique investments, each dollar carries .77344 ounces of silver, and apart from the face value the historic value makes it an excellent investment.

So before investing in PCGS Mint State DMPL Morgan silver dollars it is important that you do your research and find out about the grade and rarity of each coin.


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