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lamination: a “peeling” defect in a planchet caused by air or impurities when the planchet strip is rolled out.

Large Cent: the U.S. One Cent coins struck from 1793 to 1857.

large date: the opposite of a small date.  This is a relative term.

legend: any of the wording or lettering on a coin.  A motto can be a legend.

lettered edge: an edge of a coin that has been imprinted with raised or incuse letters

lettering: any of the letters or words that appear on a coin or its edge.

Liberty: the female embodiment of the American concept of freedom and liberty.  Miss Liberty is a favorite subject on U.S. coins and she has appeared in a number of different forms.

Liberty Cap: design type of U.S. copper coins struck from 1793-1796.

Liberty Head: any of the anonymous female heads that have appeared on U.S. coins.

Liberty Nickel: the Five Cents coins struck from 1883 to 1913, with a head of Liberty on the front and a large V on the back.

Liberty Seated: design type used on U.S. silver coins struck from 1836 to 1891.

Lincoln Cent: the U.S. One Cent piece struck from 1909 until today.

loupe: a high-power magnifying glass used to examine coins.

luster: the shiny quality of new metal.  Luster decreases as wear increases.

lustrous: a coin that is bright and shiny.

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