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by D. L. Crane

In today’s economy, more than ever before, people are looking for ways to make an extra income. For years, motivational experts have said that the best way to make money is turn your hobby or passion into a money making venture. It turns out, they were right all along. If you are an avid coin collector, you could be turning a profit and making extra income that could eventually replace your full-time job. By making money with coins the easy way, you will turn your hobby into a profit-producing machine.

Making money with coins the easy way can involve a wide range of strategies. It is advisable to choose one or two methods at first, until you become comfortable with the process, and then add more. The key is to become as knowledgeable as possible about the coins you collect. The quality, grade, country of origin, and manufacturer are all important and you will need to inspect all of your coins to make sure they are of the highest quality possible. This will help you become a reputable business owner, and your customers will quickly come to see you as the coin expert. This is a great way to set yourself apart from your competition.

Making money with coins the easy way can be accomplished any one or combination of the following:


E-Bay provides a quick and easy way for people to make money, no matter what they are selling. When it comes to selling coins, remember that it is extremely important to take quality pictures so that potential buyers can see the coins clearly. NEVER provide a guarantee unless you are absolutely sure about the quality of the coin. Provide a clear and concise description of each coin that you are selling. When shipping to your buyer, be sure to send in protective packaging that minimizes the risk of damage.


Make a habit of going to coin dealers to get an idea of the different styles, types, designs, quality and prices. Many dealers sell their coins at discounted prices; this means you can turn around and sell them for a profit. Making money with coins the easy way means finding dealers that offer discounted pricing for quality items. This may be a bit of work, but will be well worth it when you find a reputable dealer who offers coins at discounted prices.

Coin Shows

Similar to a business trade show, a coin show can attract thousands of coin buyers and sellers. It’s a great place to meet other like-minded collectors and network. Have business cards on hand to give to people. If you’re a buyer you can browse the many booths and get to know some dealers that offer rare and interesting coins. If you’re a seller, you can set up a booth and sell your coins for a profit. This can be a great method for making money with coins the easy way.

Join a Club

This is similar to shows, but offers a less structured format. Just get together with some local collectors like yourself and discuss things like how to find rare coins, how to make a profit, and methods for making money with coins the easy way. You’ll pick up some new friends along the way and you’ll be able to find new ways to make a profit.

Your Own Website

Selling online is essential in today’s world, and that means that you will need a website of your own. Make it as professional looking as possible; hire a service to create it for you and write the content if you don’t feel that you possess any writing skills. Remember that people are willing to pay a lot of money for certain coins; they won’t buy from anyone whose website is full of grammatical or spelling errors, or doesn’t offer any sort of guarantee.

Affiliate Marketing

Selling coins online through your website using affiliate programs is really the easiest way to make money selling coins. If you can get traffic to your site, then you can run affiliate links that sell coins and make you "easy money" Some examples are; EPN, CJ,  Adsense, Link Share, ClickBank and many more. Just find a good domain name and get started!

Making money with coins the easy way can be fun and exciting. It will take some time to build your business as well as your reputation. Be patient; with consistency, self-discipline and integrity, your profits will soar. Never stop learning about the coin industry or conducting business in general. There are always new things to learn and new strategies to implement.

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