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obverse: the front of a coin, usually the side with the date or head.  When you flip a coin and call “Heads,” this is the side you want.

off-center: a coin that was not perfectly centered when it was struck.  Off-center strikes can range from minor to extreme.

original: a coin that has never been cleaned or impaired in any way.

original roll: a roll of coins that remains as fresh as the day the coins were first placed together.

original toning: natural color on a coin, as opposed to artificial toning.

over-mintmark: a coin with two mintmarks, one on top of the other.

over-dipped: a coin that has received one too many chemical baths in a mis-guided cleaning attempt.  In other words, someone blew it!

overdate: a coin with two dates (or parts of dates), one on top of the other.

over-grading: the deliberate or unintentional grading of a coin above its true grade.  This practice is sometimes used to sell coins for more than they are worth.

oxidation: tarnish or corrosion on a coin caused by chemical reaction with its surroundings.  Some tarnish is okay, any corrosion is bad.

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