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by D. L. Crane

If you’re like me you hate to carry coins. They go to the bottom of my purse. They are too difficult to reach and, consequently, instead of using them for purchases, I pay in bills and accumulate even more change which then joins the fistful of coins already residing at the bottom of my purse. Soon my handbag is too big to heft—although it would by now make a great weapon.

How lucky for me that there are websites which have made a business of turning coins into cash using the Internet. So break out that huge jar on the floor in your bedroom closet. With your unwanted coins you could earn Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards or a check or a PayPal deposit.

Many ask why people would choose a nearly ten-per-cent handling fee to get their own money handed back to them. As a matter of fact, if you choose the gift card option you may pay no fee at all! But no matter what the fee, I know why people choose the service. My coins would still be in that large pickle jar collecting dust in my closet if clever innovators had not seen this need and developed ways of turning coins into cash using the Internet!You see what coins-to-cash websites offer is convenience. No sorting those coins. No wrapping them into rolls. No carting them to the bank. No worrying about whether you have enough nickels to make a complete roll.

True some banks will accept lose change but most want them in rolls if there are enough to make rolls.  And you have to load it up, get it to the bank, wait in line looking like a dork with your huge dusty coin jar and wait while a not-too-thrilled teller counts (and recounts) your coins and every other bank customer stands tapping their feet and calling you names under their breath. (Remember when others in the line in front of you brought in coin bags?)

If you opt for using the coins-for-cash online business you need only fill out a form on their website. A safe, insured packing box will arrive on your doorstep within twenty-four hours. You need only box your coins into the prepaid shipping box and courier it to the coins-to-cash online office. You will receive your choice of: a gift card, a check, or a deposit into your PayPal account.

Turning coins into cash using the Internet is as easy as that!

You have other faster options. You could use the coin machines available in selected areas. However, in this day of increasing gasoline costs, and giving you anything for your time, is the trip really a viable option?

Online coins-into-cash services offer you the opportunity to turn those dormant, dusty coins into ready paper currency or gift cards which you can spend immediately. How much cash? You ask. An estimate is that the average household has almost a hundred dollars in coins lying around in jars, dishes, piggy banks, boxes or drawers.

So which of the several online companies to choose? As with every choice, do your homework. Select a company which offers a competitive handling fee, safe, prepaid courier service for your coins and a history of satisfied customers.

If you value your time, you do not want to hand sort and wrap coins. If you purchase a coin sorter and fancy coin tubes and pre-formed wrappers, these become a liability against your cash back. You also have to consider labor to sort and wrap.

Think about the cash outlay. Coin tubes cost about fifteen dollars. You can get a coin sorting machine for about thirty-five dollars. Pre-formed wrappers are about twenty cents apiece.

Basically, it all boils down to this: You can leave your coins where they are. It’s a labor-free decision but you have the irritation factor of dusting around them and the loss of space they are occupying. You also have the downside of coins not earning you potential cash.

You could use coin sorting kiosk but you’d have to get there, take the time to pour them into the machine (and maybe wait for others ahead of you in line) and accept the upwards of ten percent the kiosk owners charge you to use their machine.

Or, you could head to your bank with time-consuming wrapped coins and cash them in. If your bank accepts unwrapped coins you’d have to get them there, wait for a count and wait for the turnaround time if they send them in to a service. Gas costs, your time costs and a possible service charge are down sides.

Or you can have your coins picked up at your door. Turning coins into cash using the Internet sounding good??

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