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Using Numismatic Terms to Learn About Coin Collecting
by D. L. Crane

Coin collecting is one of the most enduring hobbies of man, since ancient times ever since the creation of money, many have tried in effort to collect these cultural artifacts. Ancient Roman scholars have been noted to collect coins in circulation during their time for personal and scholarly reasons. And this hobby quickly gained enough precedence Coin collectors need the knowledge in numismatics and its basic terminology to have a better grasp in their chosen hobby.

What is Numismatics?

Numismatics is the study of money; it involves the study of currencies such as coinages, banknotes, paper money, Stock certificates, tokens and medallions used in history and those currently in circulation around the world. Numismatics studies the history, artistic qualities, commercial value during circulation and its potential numismatic value. Learning a bit of Numismatics and its terminology can help you in your coin collecting hobby and further upgrade your expertise in this field.

What is coin grading?

Numismatics relies on a grading system to accurately assess the authenticity and numismatic value of a coin. Coin grading is used to determine the quality of a coin and to evaluate its value. The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation or NGC helps in coin grading by identifying key features of the coins to help coin collectors. Basic knowledge in coin grading is important for any would be coin collectors, one can quickly give a preliminary assessment to any item being contemplated to be bought.

What is Coin Value?

The coin value is the full numismatic value of any coin after undergoing coin grading procedures. Coin collectors rely on coin value to assess worth of their collection. Various factors affect coin value, its overall condition, rarity, historical significance and its popularity to collectors, after considering these factors, the coin value can be assessed. The coin value can be determined authentically by third parties like PCGS and NGS to help in assessing each coin for its numismatic value. Sometimes due to the factors in determining coins, its numismatic value is sometimes more than its face value, even to a point thousands of dollars more than its original monetary value.

What is a coin dictionary?

A coin dictionary is a compilation of coin collecting terminology; it is the dictionary for coin collectors. Coin collectors must have basic knowledge in coin terminology to be ready in diving into this business. As with any business, know-how is important and vital for its success.


Coin collection is one of the hardest but most rewarding hobbies, and being successful in this profession can give good benefits for any coin collector. Having numismatic knowledge in currency, access to effective coin grading and coin evaluation services and having an adequate knowledge in coin terminologies is important to have a better grasp in assessing high value coins from the rest. With these in mind, any coin collector will really rise up to an expert level once imbued with knowledge to determine and evaluate coins and its numismatic value.

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