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Fake or Counterfeit Morgan Silver Dollars

(Weight is 412½ Grains and .900 Fine Silver)
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Beware of the ever-growing wave of counterfeit coins coming from China.  These coins are NOT marked with the word COPY.  From a distance, they look alright, but there is a clear difference on the counterfeits, than on genuine 1885-CC 1885-O and 1885-S dollar coins -- the mis-shapen bottoms of the letters RIB on the obverse :

Genuine :

Chinese counterfeit :

Notice the block shape of the bottoms of the letters.

And for 1885-CC dollars, the CC mintmarks are a different font on the Chinese counterfeits.

Genuine :

Chinese counterfeits :

Notice the different shape of the C's in the mintmark -- they are rounder and shorter.

If you buy these coins, be aware that they are counterfeits, and that when you go to sell them, you will find they have very little or no value.


These are just some of the Fake or Counterfeit Morgan Silver Dollars. To be sure have your coin authenticated by a reputable Numismatic Dealer or Encapsulated by PCGS or NGC.

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