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Fantasy Coins are usually the coin or coins that are so expensive and special to your collection or set that they seem completely "Out of Reach"! Just imagine owning any of the coins listed below? Or owning one of the top PCGS Registry Sets! I believe that all Coin Collectors have some Fantasy Coin that is just out of reach, because of cost or availability. Just go ahead, fantasize, it's ok, who knows, maybe some day!

Fantasy Coins can also include unexpected pairings of mis-matched dies made by Mint officials to create artificial rarities for personal gain or at the request of collectors.  These Fantasy Coins include the so-called "Restrikes" that were made outside the Mint from discarded dies, often combining dies of different types and vastly different dates.

The “King of U.S. Coins”

The 1804 dollar is among the most coveted U.S. rarities, with only 15 known examples. Strangely enough, there were no dollars dated 1804 struck in that year. The United States Mint struck only dollars dated 1803 in 1804, and then stopped regular production of silver dollars until 1840.

Obverse of 1792 Silver-Center Cent
1792 Silver-Center Cent
1793 Chain Cent Obverse
1793 Chain Cent
Obverse of 1794 Silver Dollar
1794 Silver Dollar
1795 Gold Ten Dollar Turban Head Eagle
1795 Gold $10 Turban Eagle

1796 16 Stars Half Dollar

1822 Gold Half Eagle
1836 Gobrecht Silver Dollar Obverse
1836 "Gobrecht" Dollar

1846 Proof $10.00 Gold

1849 Gold Double Eagle

1854-D Three Dollar Gold
 Obverse of 1856 Flying Eagle Cent
1856 Flying Eagle Cent
1870-S $3.00 Gold Piece

1907 High Relief Gold Eagle

1909 Proof Gold $10 Eagle

1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent

1911-D $2.50 Gold Eagle

1913 Liberty "V" Nickel
1933 Gold Double Eagle
1933 Gold Double Eagle

1937-D 3 Leg Buffalo Nickel

1995-W Proof Silver Eagle

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